• Image of "A Painting A Day, France"
  • Image of "A Painting A Day, France"

I never saw myself traveling. Frankly, I dislike travel. I've done things like fly various places, and have gone on a cruise to central American islands with friends. Even after a luxury cruise, I came home with zero desire to go again. Don't get me wrong...I value many things that all women love...things like great chocolate, a pretty home, and gorgeous shoes. But trips have never been something I was envious of or attracted to.

But in early 2016, the Lord began to impress upon my heart that it was time to be willing to travel. He said that my heart and my art need the influence, information, and inspiration that travel can give. In fact, in response to that word, I painted a small original (still available) and titled it: "SOON" - and it is an image of a woman and a wee Scottish fishing village. Obviously, I had a sense that Europe was where the Lord was sending me.

And now, in early 2017, I have been gifted with a 10 day trip to France, with a week-long cruise down the Seine River with my friend Jeanne Oliver and her Living Studio. I will be visiting Monet's gardens, the French countryside, Paris, and Van Gogh's little apartment - as well as many other beautiful spots, too numerous to list.

There is a long and beautiful "Painting-A-Day" tradition. Many artists, past and present, have utilized this creative way of funding travel. So. In a desire to remain open to where the Lord wants me to go, from time to time I will be doing "A Painting A Day" to raise funds related to art and ministry travel. It will be my friends' and clients' chance to purchase inspirational original art at amazing prices. This is my first "Painting A Day" offer, and the destination is FRANCE.

I will be heading to France in early April. I have studied other artists and their "Painting-A-Day" for no other reason than that I wanted to do something even better or sweeter. I wanted to come up with something unusual and more creative to offer my audience. With that in mind, this is what a spot in "A Painting A Day" includes:

~An 8x10" or 10x10" original painting on quality substrate (either wood canvas, regular canvas, or heavy archival paper), of a scene from my travels in France

~the inspiration photo

~any and all sketches and studies, done ON LOCATION, related to your painting

~A brief, typewritten interpretation of what was on my heart, as to why I chose this particular scene. Things the Lord was whispering to my spirit. Encouraging messages from heaven, to me, written in a devotional style, meant for you and me both.

*work on your piece will commence on or about April 18th. I cannot say for sure when your art will be finished, dried, packaged and on its way, but I do package beautifully, and I make art from my heart. Please allow ample time for me to complete each original, in order, one painting at a time. I want each piece to capture a certain essence, and won't be rushing these.